The Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) – – was established in December 2004 as a part of the transfer of competencies from UNMIK to PISG, and is responsible for: the preparation and implementation of policies, strategy, legislation, and determination of general investment conditions. This is in order to ensure the best possible coalescence of economic, social and environmental values.

With the support of a World Bank grant, the development of a comprehensive, strategic, long-term sector plan, the Kosovo Mining Development Strategy, is under way. This is a key step towards improving sector performance and making mining a source of economic growth.

  • The mining development strategy ensures:
    Strengthening of institutions and capacity building on mining-related issues, in order to increase the competitiveness of the industry to support commercialization of SOEs and attract quality private investors who will provide both short-term and long-term benefits to Kosovo.
  • Preparation of appropriate sector regulations based on best mining practice to support implementation of the new law (UNMIK Regulation 2005/2 and UNMIK Regulation 2003/3).
  • Employment of data regarding mines, mineral processing plants, and undeveloped mineral resources.
  • Awareness of greenfield exploration opportunities in addition to potential within existing mines and metallurgical plants.
  • Assessment of the long-run economic outlook and potential economic contribution of sites of commercial interest.
  • Vision-building in support of long-range development plans for the sector.
  • Development of a set of action priorities, taking into account the time required to reestablish operations and expected costs and benefits.
  • Preparation of policy guidance and that benefits reach those most affected by mineral development.
  • An assessment of required actions on mining operations of POEs and SOEs, and other operations of interest and as identified by the MEM and the KTA.
  • A strategic framework for lignite mining to guide future power generation projects under a progressive economic, social, and environmental framework.
  • Technical assistance to improve sub-sector performance by creating licensed SMEs having the capacity to adhere to obligations and regulations.
  • The formalization of unlicensed mining operations, and the strengthening of the SMEs in the sector.

For successful implementation of Kosovo’s Mining Development Strategy, a one-stop-shop has been established within MEM to guide and serve the potential investors in the energy and mining sectors.