Guide for investors

A major objective of the donor agencies and the Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo is the development of Kosovo’s private sector economy. Hereupon, the Kosovo Institutions have adopted a set of laws to ensure an investor-friendly environment including: regulations on foreign direct investment; repatriation of capital; the purchase of real estate; the registration of businesses and land; and the establishment of 99-year leaseholds for land that were property of social owned enterprises (SOE).

The Privatisation Agency of Kosovo (PAK) is established as an independent public body that shall carry out its functions and responsibilities with full autonomy, by the Assembly of Kosovo Law No. 03/L-067, on the PAK. The PAK is established as the successor of the Kosovo Trust Agency regulated by UNMIK Regulation 2002/12 “On the Establishment of the Kosovo Trust Agency”, as amended, and all assets and liabilities of the latter shall be assets and liabilities of the PAK.