There are many rivers in Kosovo, which flow toward the Adriatic Sea, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. The main rivers in Kosovo are: Drini i Bardhë/Beli Drim (in the southern part of Kosovo – flows into the Adriatic Sea), Lumi i Ibarit/Ibar (in the north-western part, flows into the Morava and Danube/Dunav and further into the Black Sea) and Lepencë/Lepenac (in the south-eastern part, flows into the Vardar-River toward the Aegean Sea).

More interesting, the Black Sea is drained by water from a surface water catchment area of 5,500 km², or 51 % of the Kosovo territory, the Adriatic Sea is drained by an area of 4,500 km², or 43 %, and the Aegean Sea is drained by an area of only 900 km², or 6 %.

Hydrology of Kosovo

The watersheds of the three main drainages (Drini i Bardhë/Beli, Lumi i Ibarit/Ibar and Lepencë/Lepenac) are touching each other approximately 16.5 km west of Ferizaj/Uroševac, in the cadastral zone of Budakovë/Budakovo (municipality Suharekë/Suva Reka). At this contact point of the three watersheds, the mountain Drmanska is located, reaching an elevation of 1,359 m above sea level. From here, the surface water flows towards the Adriatic Sea, the Black Sea or the Aegean Sea.

Other important rivers in Kosovo are: Sitnicë/Sitnica, Morava e Bisnecës/Binačka Morava, Bistrica e Pejës/Pećka Bistrica and Bistrica e Deçanit/Dečanska Bistrica. Kosovo also does have a large number of karst springs, thermal and mineral water springs, glacial valleys and lakes and artificially made lakes.