The archiving system is built up using a document control procedure developed by a local software specialist using market tested methodology for electronic archiving of documentation. Documentation shall be archived such that read-only functions shall be allowed for the casual user with OCR implementation for certain categories. The ICMM intends that certain permitted documents may be downloaded from the system. Other archived documents shall be accessed through the Geodatabase Kosovo system.

Documentation shall be archived according to 3 major categories : e.g. licences, geological archive and correspondence – each with its own filing system and with its own referencing method.

Licences shall be archived according to the submitted documentation, and according to a sequenced submission of papers each required as described under the UNMIK Regulation 2005/3, plus any additions or omissions that each application may require or not require.

Geological data shall be archived according to a system of references special to the archiving of maps and plans.
Documentation shall be archived using an electronic referencing system, similar to the search functions used on common search engines in order to locate a required document.